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At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we do many different services and we have tried to provide the prices and service descriptions of most of those services here.  If you do not see a specific service you are interested in give us a call.  We will be happy to talk with you!

Many of these services are combined in our various "Packages" we offer and will save you some money.  If you are considering send us your rifle look at the Packages first.  

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1. Rifle inspection with report (3 hours minimum) $125.00
This includes a full bench inspection, video bore scope record inside and out, narrative of the inspection by the tech, trigger scan, and we completely clean the rifle inside and out.  
2. Test firing on the range with test loads $125.00
Our full setup with weather condition reading machines, chronograph, barrel temperature gauge, and full testing with our 36 power target scopes and other professional equipment.  
3. Returning rifle after testing is complete (requires re-inspection) $190.00
If you decide you want another load for a rifle we have already worked on and have made no changes to the rifle we will be happy to save you some money and develop another load for you.  
4. Second bullet during testing for first Test $150.00
If we still have the rifle and you decide to add another bullet weight or style to the order we will be happy to do it for you and save you some money.  
5. Trigger tuning and evaluation $60.00
We use our $2,500 computerized trigger machine and years of experience to set your trigger perfectly and give you a printed report!  
6. Stock bedding with pillars- Top quality work! $250.00
The finest bedding service available. 100% guarantee that the action will be solid and all will be straight!  
7. Recrown without removing the barrel from action $75.00
A critical part of your rifle's accuracy. We use a 30 power microscope to check it all out an insure a sharp crisp crown.  
8. Recrown barrel with removing barrel from action
A critical part of any rifle is the crown. Our subcontractor uses precision equipment tot properly crown your rifle. It will be centered and without any burs.  
9. Open barrel channel-all stocks $50.00
Done with a manual mill- not by hand. Exact and precise work.  
10. Install VIAS muzzle brake- and recrown $250.00
Our recoil testing machine tells us this is the best brake that reduces recoil and does not effect accuracy in anyway. Matches the barrel contour and color.
11. Mount customer scope and bore sight (if possible) $25.00
Put it on straight and use one of our three bore sighting systems to help reduce wasted sight in shots.  
12. Sight in rifle using customer ammunition $50.00
Take your rifle to the range and shoot it in our rest system and sight it in according to your instruction. You will receive a copy of the target too.  
13. Test fire customers rifle at range in our shooting fixture $75.00
We will use your ammunition in our professional fixture to see how it shoots in a mechanical rest system.  
14. Test fire customer rifle at range in recoil machine $20.00
How effective is your muzzle brake? Our new fixture will tell you how much recoil is removed by the muzzle brake. You will receive a written report.  
15. SHOP RATE AND RANGE PER HOUR (has not change since 1996) $50.00
If we find a better load in our testing process for your caliber and we feel you will benefit from it, we will retest the rifle free. You pay the freight each way.  
17. CRYO treat barreled action. $125.00
Includes disassembly and shipping We use a top rated CRYO company that is use to doing rifles.  
18. Computerized trigger analysis with report AVAILABLE SOON
No adjustments made, just an evaluation  
19. Ballistic Gel testing and report with customers ammunition $45.00
The exact same system used by Nosler. We will tell you how your bullet is really performing.  
20. Video/DVD Bore scope with copy of tape and narrative $25.00
The finest system available! We will provide you with a video tape of our inspection on the inside and outside of your rifle. Narrative by the tech is included.  
21. Lap scope rings and align $60.00
Very precise lapping that increases the scope contact to the rings from about 10% to over 90%. Also realigns the scope rings to the bore and bore site. A must for accuracy.  
22. Bullet runout test-each bullet $ 0.05
We use a $400.00 machine designed just to test bullet run out. It is very precise and up to date!  
23. Pressure test customer ammunition with Ohler 43 system- CALL
Excellent system done right in our shop! We have many many different calibers available.  
24. Repaint stocks-includes small repairs $50.00
25. Handling charge for shipping rifles for other work $20.00
26. Re-barreling customer rifle CALL
Top quality subcontractors are used. Call to select barrel maker and style.  
27. Break in customer rifle (uses customer ammunition) $75.00
We shoot the rifle and perform the most popular break in procedure or follow the specific barrel manufacturers instructions. We use YOUR ammunition too. Extra cost if we provide the ammunition.  
28. David Tubb's FINAL FINISH treatment-includes ammunition $200.00
The best break in system avaliabe. This includes all ammuntion and cleaning.  
29. NECO PRESSURE LAPPINGâ TREATMENT-includes ammo $200.00
If your older rifle has serious problems this system may help!  
30. Ultra Sonic clean muzzle brake $10.00
Cleans your brake better than new!  
31. Ultra sonic clean suppressor $20.00
32. RUSH WORK per week charge $100.00
Need your rifle back quicker? Add $100.00 for each week faster than 12 weeks you want the rifle.  
38. Camo Paint entire rifle (will wear off over time) $50.00
Top quality and very nice looking camo job with regular paint.  
39. Install new trigger-Not purchased from AZ AMMO $25.00
40. Ballistic Charts for customer ammunition FREE
41. Cleaning instructions for rifles- Printed FREE
42. Custom loading service (your data) setup charge- See "Your Favorite Load" (Click here) FREE
Plus cost of ammunition- (call for specific's and approval)  


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We keep records of every load for you on our computer data base and on hard copy for safety and we will respond to your needs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!  Our technical experts will help you in every way that they can with your shooting needs.  Call and ask for me personally! I am pleased to help you!

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